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Letter To The Editor: Resorting To Personal Attacks


It is indeed sad that IOP resident Scott Kegel would resort to personal attacks to denigrate the efforts of hundreds of Sullivan’s Island residents to protect and preserve our historic community through the referendum process. And with such self-interested comments!

Kegel will presumably be able to have his children attend SIES, without ever having to contend with the increase in traffic and congestion that SI residents will soon experience daily.

Nor will he be required to pay the increased property taxes and fees Sullivan’s Island Town Council is now imposing on its residents. Had a smaller school been built, and even a portion of the beachfront property been available for residential development, Town Council would not need to be taking on debt and selling off other Town properties to pay for long-neglected sewer repairs, a new fire truck and a new Town Hall. Moreover, Town Council kept the information about increasing property taxes and fees conveniently under wraps until after the school was under construction.

Judge Dennis’ written ruling remains confusing, because it appears to contradict his courtroom comments.

Judge Dennis said in court that SI residents had complied with all laws to have a proposed ordinance either initiated or submitted to the electorate for a vote. But in his written ruling, he held that those residents must also bear the burden of filing a lawsuit to force the Town to comply with the law. Is that really what state law intends?

So confusing is this holding, that our attorney has filed a motion for Judge Dennis to reconsider his ruling and amend the final order.

Maybe Scott Kegel should be a little less self-interested and a little more informed of the facts before commenting on issues that negatively impact the residents of a neighboring municipality.

Barbara Spell

Atlantic Avenue


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