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Letter To The Editor: Just The Facts And The Sullivan’s Island Elementary School Conspiracy


Barbara Spell has accused me of resorting to personal attacks for merely pointing out that she personally has misstated the facts concerning Judge Dennis ruling on the new elementary school. I assure you I never meant to personally attack anyone, but rather to emphasize that either Ms. Spell does not know the definition of “fact” and continues to accuse the Town of Sullivan’s Island and Town Council of some great conspiracy in the approval and rebuilding of the school. The town and council did everything possible to address the legality of the referendum and should be commended for doing so. They did not spend five years conspiring to rebuild the school against the will of the residents because Jimmy Hoffa is buried on the grounds. Bigfoot is also not lurking in the maritime forest.

Ms. Spell does correctly point out that my children will attend the school as they have for over six years now. I will be driving them to the school and will fight the gridlock of traffic caused by the school. It may be difficult, but we SIES parents will persevere. There will be no adverse affects on the lives of Sullivan’s Islanders just as there were not at the old school. Sewage will not flood the streets of Sullivan’s Island on August 18.

Chaos will not take over the Island on that day either. Hundreds of children will begin enjoying education in a new state of the art facility.

Scott Kegel, Isle of Palms




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