Sep 12 2019

Katrina Limbach To Run For Council

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Katrina Limbach

As a young mother, small business owner, community activist, and conservationist, Katrina Limbach welcomes the opportunity to run for Isle of Palms City Council Nov. 5 and take office in January. Her campaign is thoughtfully focused on three pillars: prioritizing family residential life, preserving our coastal environment and supporting the island’s flourishing small business economy.

Limbach grew up in a small lakefront town in southern Michigan with a long bloodline of entrepreneurs. The first female to follow suit, she began her business career on Isle of Palms within a matter of months after graduating from College of Charleston and her love for the island community began. As owners of the Isle of Palms Beach Chair Company, she and her now-husband grew the island business without financial assistance through technology and innovation, doubling their service volume within eight years. They later started two other small companies in the Charleston area before her thirtieth birthday. Limbach plans to utilize her experience in digital and graphic branding and applied technologies to contribute to a more efficient and innovative city and has already volunteered her assistance to the city for public education campaigns to prevent beach litter and debris.

As a mother of a 3-year-old with another shortly on the way, Limbach believes family life is the heartbeat and soul of the island and should be cultivated, safeguarded, and celebrated. She passionately believes in proper signage and enforcement of traffic and speeding laws, establishing a safe residential bike and walking path and opening up the recreation department’s many offerings with a web-based approach for busy parents.

Living, working and raising a family on the island has invigorated Katrina with many ideas to give back to a community that has given her so much. In 2018, she co-founded the Isle of Palms Cleanup Crew, a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving our beaches, coastlines and oceans for wildlife and public health. From an idea born over croissants at Cafe Paname, she and her co-founder grew the organization to over 500 volunteers and helped lead the city toward policy that results in a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable beach.

Above all, Limbach is committed to serving the citizens of Isle of Palms with higher governmental transparency, unfaltering integrity, and youthful energy reflective of the community she holds so dearly.

To learn more about Katrina and the three pillars of her campaign go to

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