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Justin Novak

By Justin Novak for The Island Eye News

Justin Novak

After much thought, consideration, and conversation, I am honored to announce that I will be seeking to serve as a member of Sullivan’s Island Town Council.

Our island is at a crossroads and the decisions we make in the coming years will shape the future of this very special place we are fortunate to call home.

Our choices will be critical to determining whether our community can maintain the things that make this island an exceptional place to live, raise our families, and welcome friends and neighbors. Those chosen to serve during the next election will shepherd us through many decisions that will impact our island for generations to come, including the extent to which we preserve our community’s special character or choose to abandon aspects of our identity under pressure from the unprecedented growth around us. 

My wife and I first came to Sullivan’s Island 10 years ago. We were attracted then by the wondrous sense of place and community that still exists here today. Although we moved off

the island for a number of years, it was to ensure that we could return long term to raise our family in this very special place.

This election will determine whether we can preserve the place and community that we are so fortunate to call home.

 I look forward to meeting and speaking with each of you during the coming months prior to the election. More importantly, I look forward to listening.

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