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John Moye Announces Candidacy For Isle Of Palms City Council

by John Moye for Island Eye News

John Moye

From my first-ever job at the Red & White to catching my first-ever wave at 25th Ave. to playing free Pac-Man at the old Rec Center, I knew early in my childhood that the island was special. However, only recently have I come to fully embrace and appreciate how Isle of Palms has shaped the person I am today.

We are blessed to live and work in some of the most pristine natural scenery – enjoying easy access to clean beaches and waterways. Perhaps most importantly, we build our homes, raise our children and grow our businesses here because we’re surrounded by neighbors that feel more like family – something I’m even more grateful for as I begin a family of my own.

I’m reminded of my grandmother Anne Moye and her lifelong commitment to this island from the 1960s until her passing in 2001. She understood the privilege of living here and always strived to enrich our community.

Whether she was volunteering at a city event or delivering meals to comfort a neighbor, longtime residents will fondly remember the loving spirit of Anne Moye.

That sense of civic duty, call to service and deep investment in our community is a part of who I am, too. I care deeply about the leadership and direction of this island because I hope to raise my family here for decades to come.

I’m running for council because I’m committed to preserving the way of life we often forget is such a privilege.

With the goals of strengthening community engagement, promoting fiscal conservatism and guiding a long-term vision for development, I want our citizens to have greater governmental transparency, to be more involved, and to have more opportunities to contribute to important decisions.

I will represent the voice of those who care about the future of the island for many years to come.

I’m concerned with status of the island’s disaster contingency funds, the accruing deferred maintenance costs, and recent city decisions that will impact the island for decades to come.

A prime example is the 30- year marina lease that does not serve the best interests of island residents. As a council member, I’ll take time to deeply understand the full impact of the decisions we make. I’ll use data and facts to work alongside the community to lead us in the directions that best protect our beaches, our natural resources and our quality of life.

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