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Isle Of Palms Policeman

By Desiree Fragoso for Island Eye News

Pictured (from left) are Chaplain Rob Dewey, Captain Jeff Swain, Sergeant Matt Storen, City Administrator Desiree Fragoso, Chief Kevin Cornett, Lieutenant Robert Forsythe. 

Sgt. Storen received a First Responder recognition from the Mount Pleasant Chamber of Commerce on May 20.

Sgt. Storen is a patrol sergeant that supervises a squad assigned to patrol. Sgt. Storen has built a reputation that leads our new officers wanting to work for him. 

He does a great job at supervising and mentoring his team and still manages to be one of our top performing officers. Sgt. Storen is proactive at enforcement and consistently locates and arrests offenders for drug violations. He has made charges for possession of ecstasy, methamphetamine, pills and gun charges. On top of his proactive work on patrol he oversees our fleet management. He tracks vehicle maintenance, helps with purchasing and coordinates equipping vehicles. 

As if that was not enough, he began working on grants for the police department recently and has obtained over $70,000 of grant funding to assist the police department. He also serves as a driving instructor, an active shooter response instructor, a Taser instructor, and a Tactical Medical Instructor.

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