Isle Of Palms Law Enforcement Neighborhood Support Program Is Off And Running

Provided by the Law Enforcement Neighborhood Support for Island Eye News

The Isle of Palms LENS Program sponsored by the IOP Exchange Club and sustained solely by charitable donations is dedicated to support the officers in our local police department as well as meet some critical needs to the Isle of Palms community. LENS is already making a difference! 

Scholarship: The LENs Educational fund has awarded its first $4,000 college scholarship to a dependent of one of our Law enforcement Officers. Our recipient is attending a university in South Carolina seeking a degree in education. 

Support for Local Police Officers: The LENS fund for police officers provided financial assistance to an officer whose wife sustained lengthy hospitalizations for dire medical conditions. 

This officer’s wife, with long hospital stays, has been unable to work resulting in financial hardship for the family. LENS approved a onetime donation to this officer to help with medical and other expenses. Provided back to school support for officers grade school children. 

These types of support embrace the essence of the program: to help sustain a strong police force in our island community. 

Support in the Community: The emphasis of this goal is to aid community residents or tourists who suffer unusual financial hardships and also provide support to community activities that encourage safety and wellness. LENS was able to join in a community fundraiser to support an active community member who has been battling cancer for years. In addition LENS made a temporary housing hardship award to an employee of an island business. LENS also provided support for a family who lost a young daughter to a tragic automobile accident. Timey child support for a IOPFD single parent. 

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