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Isle Of Palms Inauguration Sees New Mayor, Four Council Members

By Brian Sherman for The Island Eye News

The newly-installed mayor of Isle of Palms wants to make a difference during his first term in office by encouraging residents of the island community to treat one another with kindness and respect – “two things that have fallen by the wayside in the past few years” – but he added during a brief presentation at IOP’s municipal inauguration Jan. 4 that “I will not be a pushover or think the world is all roses and rainbows, as some on social media might have suggested.” Mayor Phillip Pounds also told the overflow crowd at City Hall that he would host several events aimed at enhancing communication among government officials, business owners and local residents. Four new Council members also were inaugurated at the meeting, including Jan Anderson, John Bogosian, Blair Hahn and Katie Miars. “At some level, no matter our differences in values or opinions, we all want what’s best for our part of paradise,” Pounds said. “I’d like to believe that at our core, we prefer to engage in meaningful, respectful discussions when it comes to issues facing us all – issues I’m well aware we’re all passionate about in our own way.” “I did not survive and thrive in the corporate world for 35 years without rolling up my sleeves and standing my ground and fighting when needed. I will do the same for IOP, but every issue cannot be life or death,” he added. 

“We must pick and choose our battles on the important issues that face us and learn to negotiate or compromise while we seek common ground with our surrounding and supporting partners.” 

Pounds said he would host a “coffee with the mayor” at an IOP restaurant the final Friday of each month and that he would schedule regular office hours so residents, business owners and visitors will be able to ask questions and learn about ongoing city projects. He said a message from the mayor would be available on the city’s website and through social media “to provide context for decision-making and general updates.” In addition, he will continue holding quarterly meetings with members of the local business community. During the two days following the inauguration ceremony, Council members gathered for a retreat “to define what success will look like, discuss how we’ll treat each other and communicate with each other, receive some training from the South Carolina Municipal Association and review our Strategic Plan and Council Handbook to help create a unified team, all focused on the same agenda,” according to Pounds. At their first meeting of the new year following the inauguration ceremony, the new Council approved appointments to standing committees and to various boards and commissions. Council committees will consist of: Public Safety – Blair Hahn, Jan Anderson and Rusty Streetman; Real Property – Streetman, Kevin Popson and Katie Miars; Personnel – Anderson, John Bogosian and Pounds; Public Works – Jimmy Ward, Bogosian and Hahn; and Recreation – Miars, Ward and Popson. Scott Pierce, Marty Brown, Ron Denton and Suzanne Nagelski were appointed to the Planning Commission, while Arnold Karig and Glen Thornburg were named to the Board of Zoning Appeals. Michael Molony will be the city judge, David Michel the associate judge, Brent Halversen the city attorney and Mac McQuillin the assistant city attorney. 

Ward was appointed to the CARTA board of directors; Streetman to the Charleston Visitors Bureau; and Anderson to the Charleston, Berkeley, Dorchester Council of Governments. Bogosian was appointed as the liaison to the city’s Environmental Advisory Committee. 

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