Jul 31 2012

Isle of Palms Holds Special Meeting with Charleston County to Discuss Greenbelt Funds

On Tuesday, July 24, Isle of Palms City Council unanimously passed a Resolution to apply for Greenbelt funding to purchase the property at the intersection of 18th Avenue and Palm Boulevard.

Cathy Ruff, Director of the Charleston County Greenbelt Program, visited Council to discuss the funding. Greenbelt funds can be used to acquire land for: parks, greenways and trails, waterway access, historical and cultural preservation, or general conservation. Funding can also be used to provide improvements to already existing boardwalks, bridges, unpaved trails, unpaved parking areas, and small unpaved roadways.

Since 2007, over 21,000 acres of land have been protected with Greenbelt funding.

Applications for Greenbelt funding are due August 31. Once the City submits the application, the Greenbelt staff will hold site visits and reviews. After site visits are completed, the requests will go to the Urban Grants Review Committee and the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission for review. County Council has final approval on all Greenbelt projects. If funding is approved, the County and the Greenbelt recipient will enter into a grant agreement, and reimbursement in the specified grant amount will be provided at the time of closing.

For more information on the Greenbelt Program, contact Cathy Ruff at 202-7204 or the City of Isle of Palms at 886-6428.


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