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Isle Of Palms Council Withdraw

By Alex Skatell for Island Eye News

It’s no surprise we’ve had so many exceptional candidates run to help on the Isle of Palms city council. We have incredible people on the island and it’s been a joy meeting so many of you. It’s become clear through this process that the island will be in good hands both with the remaining and future council members. I can also tell you unequivocally our city staff across the board are as good as it gets, and we’re fortunate to have such an incredible team working for us.

I’ve decided after many of these meetings that I can best serve the island in other ways and have withdrawn from the upcoming November election.

I plan to call Isle of Palms home for the rest of my life and do hope in the future to contribute in an official capacity representing the island. In the near term, I still hope to get involved and contribute to a number of often-overlooked places that need support from residents. Even though I grew up on the island as a kid, it’s been over a decade away and I plan to spend some time re-acclimating back, learning the issues, and working in an unofficial capacity to help our island and our leaders in however best serves the Isle of Palms for generations to come. I feel confident the best is yet to come if we can put aside our differences and find common ground, and that’s a job for all of us.

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