IOP Council Candidate: Sandy Stone

Sandy Stone

Sandy Stone

Provided by Sandy Stone

I have lived on the Isle of Palms for over three decades and have seen it evolve from a quaint beach community into the thriving municipality that we enjoy today. Throughout that evolution there has always been a natural balance among the Isle of Palms residents and those who visit and become owners due to our quality of life here on the island. I’ve walked and talked with many of the residents over my 30 years of sales and management in our community and I have a unique respect and understanding for the balance we all enjoy.

It has always been important to me to give back to the community which has given so much to me by being involved in many facets of life on the Island: raising my family, growing a successful business, running Island Realty and volunteering in multiple community organizations.

During my 35 years on the island I have seen it grow exponentially and transition from “dunes to development”. With growth, a natural part of our lives, I’ve come to terms with the way things “used to be”. I’ve also seen a glimpse of what it can be; both positive and negative.

Having experienced the previous growing pains, I will use that wisdom and knowledge to navigate us into the future.

I have Volunteered my time serving and sharing the lessons I have learned as a successful business leader and as a coach, cub master and as the president of many local and professional organizations including:

  • Baseball, soccer and other sports as a coach
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Charleston Multiple Listing Service past president
  • Charleston Trident Association of Realtors as past president
  • Exchange Club as past president
  • Sea Cabins Home owners Association current president
  • Planning Commission serving a second term

These experiences have given me the tools and the skill sets to lead a community like ours into the future.

  • For over two years I have attended most of the Council meetings, Ways and Means and the Municipal and Livability court hearings to be educated on the issues our community is facing.
  • I am a fiscally conservative businessman, having grown a local island business into a sustainable native enterprise that supports the community, my family and many local families by doing business with them or hiring them as our employees. My family and I truly enjoy our quality of life in our community and wish to help sustain it into the future by being involved at the City Council level.

My concerns for the future of our community:

  • Palm Blvd. traffic and safety of our residents and visitors.
  • Traffic on the Isle of Palms Connector.
  • The impact of growth from Mt. Pleasant and other areas of the county.
  • The loss of parking area due to the new Public Safety building.
  • Palm Blvd. parking and safety of residents and visitors.
  • Parking on the side streets.
  • Our commercial areas are struggling with economic issues.
  • Our City finances will need special attention as our economy is changing.
  • New sources of income for our community.
  • Continue with a transparent government and ask for more citizen input.
  • Communicate with the residents in more mediums, mailings, emails and town meetings.
  • Preserving the natural beauty of our beaches.

I hope to earn your support in the upcoming election as an independent candidate for Isle of Palms City Council. Please visit my website at for additional information. I also welcome any questions or comments.

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