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Information Overload

By Eve VanderWeele for the Island Eye News

Eve VanderWeele.

Eve VanderWeele.

With all the information you could ever need at your fingertips, why would you ever need a golf lesson? Doesn’t sound like logical advice coming from a teaching professional. Just turn on the Golf Channel, pick up Golf Digest or watch YouTube. You will learn the latest and greatest advice.

Are you the type of golfer that is trying that next great tip and constantly changing and adjusting on every swing ? Or are you trying that tip in the next round of golf without even considering practicing with it?

Though the information may be accurate, correct and incredibly informative how do you know it pertains to you? I have always said, “One person’s medicine is another person’s poison.”

I believe we each have our own unique and authentic swings. Ask your coach or teacher if specific drills or tips would help your authentic swing improve, or even make you more consistent. Be aware of information overload. Keep a quiet mind. Remember the keys that have helped you succeed in the past. Be grateful for the parts of the game in which you perform best and know there is room to improve the weak links. Talk to your coach about establishing a great practice routine and drills that can help you build a foundation for your success.

Eve VanderWeele is a PGA Teaching Professional at The Golf Club at Briars Creek and Assistant Women’s Golf Coach at the College of Charleston.

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