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Improvements Ahead

Staff Report for Island Eye News

Refuel, Sullivan’s Island

Aesthetic modifications for Sullivan’s Island’s sole gas station received preliminary approval from the Sullivan’s Island Design Review Board, Wednesday Nov. 11.

Blake Middleton of Middleton and Associates Architects gave a short presentation of proposed design changes for a Refuel Station.

The Station would like to add a canopy and dormers to improve the look of the building. The company also will be removing the two gas pumps on Middle Street to ease access to the property.

Four gas pumps will be under a new canopy on the Jasper side.

Pat Votava, who has a home at 2214 Jasper, was able to address some of her concerns to the board and the Architects. She stated she “was glad to have a gas station” and she also noted that the residents of Jasper and the current proprietors have a “compromise as to when the lights on the large awning covering the pumps go on and off.” She asked the company to consider keeping the lighting from seeping into the neighborhood, and for possible landscaping improvements on Jasper.

Members of the board also stated concern for lighting.

Kevin Pennington and Chairman Steven Herlong also questioned if the egress from the station to Ben Sawyer and Middle can be looked at for possible changes.

Both had concerns about the safety of that corner.

“I want the design to be neighborhood compatible.” The longtime owner of the property, Sullivan’s Island resident, Jerry Kaynard addressed the board and asked that they consent to the proposed changes. He mentioned this was the “second time in 23 years” he has had the opportunity to make aesthetic improvements. He was also happy that the new tenants are also local Sullivan’s Islanders.

A spokesman for the new operators said they expected the changes to take 3 months once they take possession of the property. Most of that time will be in replacing the gas pumps.

Refuel will have to address concerns of the neighbors and the board again for final approval. The next meeting will be Dec. 20 at 6 p.m.

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