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Sep 09 2009

Husband stabs wife during IOP vacation

The peace and serenity associated with a typical Isle of Palms weekend was shattered for a visiting family from Aiken, SC, over the Labor Day weekend. On Sunday, Septem-ber 6, a domestic dispute resulted in a husband stabbing his wife in plain view.

According to Isle of Palms Police Lieutenant Raymond Wright, 52 year-old David Wade Napier and his wife, Candace Napier, were vacationing at 311 Charleston Boulevard with their two adult daughters and their boyfriends. The couple’s relationship had been rocky, and a divorce was imminent, Wright said. Shortly before 1pm, an argument began between the two on the lawn near their vehicle.

“One thing led to another. Then it got out of hand,” Wright said. At some point David got his hands on a knife and stabbed his wife 7-9 times in the face, neck, back, and arm areas before one of the daughters’ boyfriends pulled David from the victim, disarmed him, and restrained him on the ground. Police arrived within a couple of minutes. The victim survived her life threatening injuries after she was rushed to the MUSC Trauma Unit where she received immediate surgery. She was released from the hospital within the last two days.

David Napier is being charged with Assault and Battery with Intent to Kill and was being held on a $100,000 bond. “It’s a serious charge,” Wright said, adding that it’s only one step below actual murder. Police were unsure whether he had posted bail as of Wednesday, September 9. Napier will have to appear for “roll call” in Charleston before appearing at a preliminary hearing, which will determine if this case will go to a grand jury.

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