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Halloween was sweet!

By Bailey Abedon

You hear the laughter of children, smell the mouthwatering scent of candy and sweets, and see ghosts, goblins, and witches. What other holiday could it be than Halloween? October 31 on Sullivan’s Island seemed like the biggest holiday of the year. Many islanders started off the night with a pizza party, jump castle, and a soccer game; but when the sun set, gypsies, pirates, ghosts, zombies, and even a walking bathtub, went out in search of candy. They found lots of it, too!

That night the streets were swamped with everyone on the hunt for candy, candy, and lots more candy. A haunted driveway, “The Driveway of Doom,” had pop-out zombies, king-sized Kit-Kat bars, and a clown on a swing that moved when you came back through the way you entered. “The clown on the swing creeped me out the most,” said local Island Halloween trick-or-treater, Tess Abedon. ”It just moved all of a sudden.”

The most popular island costumes this year for girls must have been gypsies, with all ages, from seven to thirteen, wearing that costume. There seemed to be a lot of boys dressed up as girls. That was the style for this year’s Halloween.

Many kids look forward to going to the house of local artist Julia Khoury every Halloween to see her fantastic pumpkin-carving skills. This year, Julia made a beautiful pumpkin with three little pumpkins in its mouth, which represented Peter, Peter, the Pumpkin Eater. It was a wonderful design that everyone wished they could do. Kids can’t wait to see what her pumpkin will be for the next Halloween.

At another house, some very nice people were giving out gigantic, king-sized Hershey’s chocolate bars. It must have been very popular too, because by seven o’clock they were out of the candy.

To end the night, most went home and ate at least twenty pieces of candy. Yes, they may have a stomachache, but it was all worth it!

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