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Grace Myatt

By Grace Nichols for The Island Eye News

Grace Myatt bags groceries at her new job at the Isle of Palms Harris Teeter. 
(Photo by Ricky Myatt)

Grace Myatt is not letting anything get in her way. From going to college to getting her first real job, she is living a “normal life” for a 23 year old despite having Down syndrome. Two years ago, Grace was the first picked to have one of 12 spots at Clemson in their program, Clemson Life. 

This program is focused on teaching young adults with disabilities how to gain their independence. 

With Grace being a “superstar” in the program, she was one of four chosen to continue on for a full four years at Clemson Life. While Grace is home for the summer, her father Ricky reached out to the Harris Teeter on Isle of Palms knowing that entering her into the working world would be a great next step for her. “The employees need kudos for how wonderful and accommodating they have been,” Ricky said. “Harris Teeter went out of their way to help Grace and I believe that is what makes a community great.” 

With getting along with co-workers and customers Grace is an awesome addition to the Harris Teeter family. She has been labeled a “social butterfly” by some but surely an inspiration to all.

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