Glass Recycling Project Creates A Reusable Solution

By Isle Of Palms Environmental Advisory Committee for The Island Eye News

(Photo by Mary Pringle)

Have you seen any products made from recycled glass? New bottles, stylish jewelry, countertops, mosaic tiles and even shoes are now being made from reclaimed glass. Is this what you imagine when you put wine and beer bottles, broken glassware, and other things into your blue recycling cart at the curb? Do you get satisfaction from knowing your efforts to recycle help the environment? However, you may not realize that the glass items you faithfully put in your blue recycling carts on the Isle of Palms and others in nearby communities are not recycled by Charleston County as glass? 

That’s right. The Isle of Palms Environmental Advisory Committee has learned that glass objects collected by Charleston County will be crushed for use in roadbeds or dumped in landfills where glass will not decompose. Are you interested in a better glass recycling plan? The Isle of Palms Environmental Advisory Committee worked with Fisher Recycling to develop a way that reclaimed glass on our island could be actually recycled as glass products instead of being discarded. Elizabeth Fisher of Fisher Recycling attended two advisory committee meetings and educated members about her company’s program where glass is collected separately and used to make items like beautiful and durable countertops. On the recommendation of the Environmental Advisory Committee, the City of Isle of Palms contracted with Fisher Recycling to establish two convenient pickup sites for folks to drop off their glass, one at Harris Teeter on Palm Boulevard and the second at the Isle of Palms Marina. The bright green Fisher carts at the Harris Teeter can be found in the parking lot on the Connector side of the store. The Marina carts can be found next to the fire station. Anyone with glass to recycle can drive up and drop off their items.

Fisher collects the glass every week and ensures that the items will be used as glass products, not landfill. Accepted items include bottles of any color, jars without lids, glass shelving, windows with hardware removed, drinking glasses, mason jars, and candle jars, even with a bit of leftover wax. Not accepted items include light bulbs, trash bags, ceramic dishes or mugs, windshields, mirrors, and porcelain. Please spread the word among your friends and neighbors so that our community will be aware of this valuable service and improve glass recycling. 

Thank you for donating your glass. One day you may end up wearing some. 

To schedule a drop off for special items or larger loads, call Fisher Recycling at 843-554-6099.

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