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Gary Visser

By Gary Visser for The Island Eye News

Gary Visser

One day my neighbor, then Mayor Mike Perkis, walked to our house and said “Hey, I’ve got a job for you!”

With that I began nine years service on the Planning Commission for Sullivan’s Island.

We’ve lived here over 30 years, but the past nine have allowed me to learn from our commissioners, council and our town staff. I’ve come to understand that, while Sullivan’s Island is small, it has the same challenges as our larger neighbors, just working within a smaller budget!

 I’ve served as chair of the South Carolina American Water Works Association (AWWA) and on the National Board of Directors of AWWA. As chair of the SI Planning Commission, we produced the new Comprehensive Plan that outlines the direction of the island and address resiliency and sustainable stewardship of Sullivan’s Island. We authored the changes that have saved many of our historic structures. 

I remember well the time after Hurricane Hugo when every tree was precious, we expected fairness to everyone and neighbors felt less polarized, more shared in their vision of what the island could be. Many of our residents give their time to their community. I’d like to serve on our Town Council, “For The Love of the Island.”

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