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Gary Nestler To Run In Isle Of Palms Special Election

Following statement provided by the candidate

Gary Nestler

My name is Dr. Gary Nestler, and I am excited to announce
my candidacy to fill the open seat on Isle of Palms City

I am an active member of the Isle of Palms community: residing
here for more than a decade, raising my daughter here, supporting
our local businesses, volunteering as a Captain for our Fire
Department, and advocating in front of Council many times over the

We need people on City Council who will put the residents of Isle
of Palms first and be willing not just to listen to their concerns,
but to truly hear them and take action on their behalf. Therefore,
I aim to be the resident’s candidate: someone with empathy and
compassion for the community of Isle of Palms.

I have served in leadership positions across all of my endeavors
and know how to communicate with people. As a member of City
Council, I will prioritize accountability and trust and will not be afraid to handle controversy. After decades of work in public safety,
I know how to mediate and deescalate difficult situations, and we all
know that Isle of Palms has had to face challenges in recent years.

In solving these issues, we must recognize that public safety is the
keystone of our city infrastructure, so, in order to make our city
ecosystem function, we must ensure that we work to improve all
aspects of public safety on Isle of Palms.

Given my experience in public safety and the importance I have
placed in engaging with the Isle of Palms community over the past
15 years, I believe that I can be the resident’s candidate and help
facilitate a greater residential voice on our City Council.

Editor’s Note: The last day to register for IOP’s special election is
March 5, 2022. Election date: April 5, 2022.

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