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By Brian Sherman, The Island Eye News Editor

Left to right: Mary Alice Marsh, Gram Marsh and Ross Marsh.

It takes innovation and imagination to make life a little more interesting when most businesses are closed, your recreational opportunities are severely limited and you’re being asked by elected officials and public health professionals to remain 6 feet away from strangers, friends and even family members.

Whitley Boyd came up with a way to make life a little more interesting for residents of Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms and at the same time provide some much-needed support for the local restaurants that have been financially devastated by the restrictions placed on them by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her first-ever Scavenger Hunt FUNd-Raiser also gave islanders the opportunity to show off their knowledge of Sullivan’s Island. From April 6 through April 18, on bikes, in golf carts or on foot, they scoured the island, using 20 “fun facts” provided by Boyd to find local landmarks. Working in teams, they discovered – among other things – on which street a giant red fish guards the entrance to a bunker that is now a residence; the name of the park that faces the place that used to be known as Long Island; the location of what is considered to be the best sledding spot on the island; and the intersection where a “happy tree” sits in front of a famous local artist’s studio.

Five points were awarded for each correct answer, and contestants could score an additional five points by submitting a photo of the landmark. In addition, a bonus prize was awarded for the most creative photo.

By the time the April 18 deadline arrived, Boyd had garnered $360 in donations from local residents, money that was awarded to the winners in the form of gift certificates to any of Sullivan’s Island’s nine local restaurants.

“It took a little time to put it together, but I had as much fun doing it as the people had playing it,” Boyd said. “And I learned a lot.”

The competition ended with a tie for first place between the team of Liz Harris and Ann Watson and the Leitch family. Third place went to the Marsh family.

Boyd is already thinking about putting together another FUNd-Raiser.

“I would love to do it again, maybe next spring, but on a larger scale,” she commented. “I’d like to do it for a cause that would be relevant to raise money for.”



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