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Finding Magic On Dewees Island

By Carey Sullivan for Island Eye News 

Dewees Island is an inspirational place.  When you are here, you see possibilities, promise and potential.  This summer, children from Jake’s Music visited Dewees. 

It was a day full of inspiration for both children and adults. Jake’s Music brings free after-school music lessons and instruments to inner city children ages 7-18. 

The program aims to develop individual skills, increase participants’ self-esteem and strengthen the community ties in the neighborhoods it serves.  This non-profit was started to honor the legacy of the son of Deweesians Jane and Carroll Savage, Jake, who lost his battle to cystic fibrosis at age 21.  Jake, like Dewees, was an inspiration. His legacy helps those less fortunate see their possibilities, promise and potential through music.

It is easy to forget that a shovelful of sand or a handful of seashells or a bucketful of ocean is magic to children who are experiencing for the first time in their lives this part of our world that we here on the island take for granted.

On a bright late summer day, Dewees Island was host to third, fourth and fifth graders celebrating the completion of their summer music program provided in downtown Charleston by Jake’s Music Foundation, part of the Children’s Defense Fund sponsored Freedom School under the direction of the Housing Authority of the City of Charleston.

For the Dewees outing, Lori Wilson, Environmental Program Director, designed an engaging program for the children that included meeting Nature Center animals and traveling to Ancient Dunes beach access where environmental interns Alexa Murray, Hollis Hatfield, Jamie Ostendarp and Jared Crain provided a hands-on beach program, Admittedly, riding in the golf carts to the beach was a major highlight. The children enjoyed lunch at the Huyler House, took a dip in the pool and boarded the Islander for an exciting return ride on the upper deck of the Dewees ferry The Islander, replete with sightings of dolphins, pelicans and seagulls.

The adventure on Dewees for these aspiring musicians was possible thanks to the many Deweesians and others who have generously donated to the Jake’s Music programs.

Jake’s Music Foundation is funded by Jane and Carroll Savage, Dewees Island, SC.  For more information about Jake’s Music Foundation and ways to help, please visit

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