Ferencz To Run For Isle Of Palms Open Council Seat

By Sandy Ferencz for Island Eye News

At the time I withdrew from running for an IOP City Council seat, my husband was in the midst of quarterly medical procedures at the Mayo Clinic. This had to be my top priority, along with supporting fresh new candidates in the race.

With Jimmy Carroll as our new leader, and clean pathology results, I will seek election to his open seat; to provide support, dedication to sound financial decisions and open and honest dialogue with residents.

The most recent IOP election was a vote of “no confidence” for those who supported the marina referendum, the 30 year, no bid, marina leases, and the lack of attention to residents’ needs. In 2013 I ran on a ticket of: LISTEN, ASK, ACT, and as frustrated as it became under the last administration, I never wavered.

It’s a new day, and with your vote, I will return to continue my review of every committee meetings’ minutes, ask direct, factual questions of staff prior to meetings, exercise votes based on facts not cronyism, and return to a budget of needs, not wants. I ask for your support and a chance to be part of renewed Council who puts our residents first in all decisions.

In advance thank you, and do not hesitate to contact me; ferenczsa@gmail.com


Sandy Ferencz

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