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Ferencz In Council Race

Sandy Ferencz

The long journey to define in total what our new Isle of Palms City Council will look like is drawing to a close. By now, you all understand that I re-entered the race for Jimmy Carroll’s seat based on a hope and realization that this city could indeed have a Council that not only listens to the concerns of its residents, but also acts on their behalf. This is my history with Council despite spending the last 4 years in the minority opinion. The first part of this journey was completed on Nov. 7, with our city resoundingly defeating the Marina Referendum by an overwhelming majority. A new mayor was elected winning approximately 60% of the total votes. Two incumbent Council members that represented the prior majority opinions of Council were defeated, and replaced with 4 new members, three of which have never served on Council. The IOP resident community spoke clearly and loudly in November. Now is not the time for chance. Only two candidates are vying for the open seat.

Only 1 candidate has continued to represent the concerns of our residents. Only 1 candidate has been engaged in supporting our community. Now is not the time to roll the dice on an “unknown” candidate with the hope that resident interest will prevail along with the fiscal accountability you all voted for in November. My record is clear, and I stand proud of my record on Council and hope the trust placed in my candidacy will continue with a successful election outcome.

Thank you,

Sandy Ferencz

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