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Environmental Committee

By Brian Sherman for The Island Eye News

The Isle of Palms City Council has appointed nine local residents, including a high school student and a college student, to the newly-formed Environmental Advisory Committee. The purpose of the group is to advise Council on matters of environmental impact, protection, conservation and sustainability,” according to Personnel Committee Chair John Moye. Moye told the Council at its Aug. 24 meeting that it was difficult for his committee to choose nine finalists from among 27 highly-qualified applicants. “We are blessed that our community is filled with so many incredibly experienced, really smart people with lots of letters behind their names,” he said. “We had the challenge of finding the nine most qualified.” Four people were appointed to four year terms on the Environmental Advisory Committee, including Sandra Brotherton, Doug Hatler, Belvin Olasov and Mary Pringle. Serving two-year terms will be Deb Faires, Jonathan Knoche and Linda Plunket. 

College student Grace Jurgela and high school student Molly Marino will serve one-year terms, through Dec. 31, 2022. Moye pointed out that the goals of the committee will be to protect the environment, endangered species and natural resources; reduce litter and pollution; develop messaging and branding; support the Isle of Palms as a strong environmental leader in the Palmetto State and a model for other South Carolina communities; and develop partnerships with similar community groups. 

The committee, which will meet at least every other month, will have no authority to spend public funds without the approval of the Council, and its members will not be paid. All meetings of the committee will adhere to the legal requirements for public meetings.

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