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Elizabeth Covington

By Maddie Heid for The Island Eye News 

Elizabeth Covington.

Twenty year old Charleston native Elizabeth Covington has burst onto the country music scene, making quite a name for herself. Born and raised on Isle of Palms, but starting back at Sullivan’s Island Elementary school, Covington explored her passion for music through choir, talent shows, theater productions, music camp, and even performing Taylor Swift covers at The Windjammer. “I remember when I was 9, I saw a boy getting picked up after school by his dad, who was in the military,” Covington said. “I immediately went home and wrote a song about it. Ever since then, I have been inspired by telling mine and other people’s stories.” Although Covington took a break from writing songs in high school, her fire was lit once again after she started attending The Savannah College School of Art and Design (SCAD). “I saw how creative everyone was, and it inspired me to start again,” Covington said. She is now a junior at SCAD, majoring in advertising and minoring in creative writing. Covington describes her music as modern country, inspired by Taylor Swift, Stevie Nicks and Dolly Parton. However, many people have described her voice and songs as similar to Kasey Musgraves. Her first single, “Sleepovers On The Phone,” was recently released on Spotify, Apple Music and even picked up by 95SX. Covington wrote the song about her long-distance relationship, where many nights she and her boyfriend would fall asleep on the phone together while at different colleges. “Even though long-distance is incredibly hard, I wanted to make a song that shows the happy moments of distance, like being able to fall asleep on the phone together,” Covington added. “I hope that someone out there who has been far away from their most-loved one can relate to how even the simplest of things can make us feel comforted while apart.” “Sleepovers On The Phone” is just a taste of what Covington has to offer the music industry. She will be releasing her next single, “Prove Me Wrong ” next. 

Then her first album, which she describes as “A take on modern country and very emotional.” 

“Five years from now, I would love to be doing this full-time and continue my love of writing and performing,” Covington added. “I’ve always been one of those people who have so many interests, but music has always been the biggest one.” 

Covington commutes biweekly from Savannah during the school year to record her music at Coast Records in Charleston. Although Covington will be returning to SCAD next week, she will be back at The Windjammer on Oct. 9, where she will be performing all her original songs. 

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