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Residents of Sullivan’s Island can now get news from the Town through their email inbox. The Town has partnered with Constant Contact to provide E-Newsletters, a new and innovative way to reach out to residents and visitors using modern technology.

Residents must subscribe to receive their free E-Newsletter, which the Town will publish approximately twice each month. The Town and Constant Contact will not sell or share email addresses, so a subscriber’s information remains confidential. Subscribers can modify their email address or suspend their E-Newsletter service, at will, directly through Constant Contact.

This newsletter service is another facet of the Town’s comprehensive community out-reach efforts. This year’s new initiatives include:

* New Enhanced Town Website (launched January 2009)

* Emergency/Public Safety Alert System (launched August 2009)

* E-Newsletter Service (launched November 2009)

It is the Town’s hope that residents find the new website, E-newsletters and Alert Sys-tem useful as we strive to provide timely information about important news and events.

For more information and to register for any of these new services, please visit the Town’s website:

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