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Downtown Real Estate Firm To Expand On Sullivan’s Island

By Grace Nichols for The Island Eye News

Rachel Urso Real Estate.

From being featured on national television, published on home magazines covers, being involved in runway fashion and owning her own public relations agency, Rachel Urso lived a busy New York City lifestyle up until five years ago. Urso moved to Charleston and by combining her skills coming from her “finance, house flipping, and marketing background… with passion for people, homes, and design” created the Rachel Urso Real Estate Firm. Now, Urso is making moves to take on Sullivan’s Island next. After so much growth within Urso’s real estate firm located on King Street, the next logical step was to expand. The self proclaimed “beach bum” who finds her “peace at the beach” is excited for the undertaking, beaming about how “the town has been so wonderful to” work with. The company’s headquarters will remain downtown, but the Sullivan’s Island firm located on Middle Street near Poe’s Tavern will be fully open in October. 

This location will give off a “beach chic” atmosphere fitting in well with the Sullivan’s Island “coastal vibe,” according to Urso. During the expansion, Urso assures the integrity of her brand will not waiver. The dedication to helping people find their “next best chapter” is of the utmost importance as well as maintaining “professionalism, trust, and loyalty.” These ideals have earned the full service agency a 5-star rating in addition to Urso being in the top 1% of agents in Charleston and a spot in Charleston’s Platinum Circle. Their goal is to expand and to continue giving stellar personalized service. Urso plans to have 20 working agents by the end of 2022. With the groups of agents split between the downtown and Sullivan’s Island location, they are able to focus on their area of expertise while still working close together like the family they are. 

Something to look forward to with the firm’s new location is monthly deck parties, with their first one coming up this Halloween “Sullivan’s Spooktacular” aimed for children of all ages. To keep updated on all things real estate including their community events, visit

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