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Coal Men coming to Home Team – August 14

The Coal Men, playing at Home Team Barbeque on August 14.

The Coal Men, playing at Home Team Barbeque on August 14.

The Coal Men, who have recently celebrated their tenth anniversary and also signed to Funzalo Records, are hitting the road and dazzling audiences with their musical prowess (and comedic talents!!). They’ll also be debuting songs from their soon-to-be-released album, Kids With Songs. They’ll be playing at:

Fiery Ron’s HomeTown BBQ – where it’s all about the food, drinks, music and good times!! They’ll be playing on August 14, 2009. Cover is $5 and the show starts at 10PM – but come early for amazing BBQ & good seats. For more information, directions, menus,etc – please visit

Featuring lead singer/guitarist Dave Coleman, drummer Dave Ray, and bassist Hitch (short for Hitchcock), The Coal Men’s music is rich, full of melody and hooks, and incredibly entertaining. Songs that tell stories, that convey pain, love, longing, hope and hopelessness. Behind those lyrics, music that is lush and beautiful…….We could go on and on about how amazing this band is, but let’s be honest, you get hundreds of those bios……so instead, here’s some insight as to who the men that make up The Coal Men are:

Dave Coleman – lead vocals/guitar

Dave Coleman is the creative vision and the dreamer of the band. If Kris Kristofferson and Bruce Springsteen had a kid, that child would be Dave Coleman. A graduate of Belmont College who didn’t start writing songs until his late teens, Dave is an avid songwriter with an incredibly rich voice. He has the ability to make you see the stories he’s telling. Unusual for a guy who grew up shy and listening to bluegrass and traditional country and then went on to get hooked on 80’s metal. Dave is a lover of good coffee (no Starbucks, thank you), a solid handyman, and not big on really hot weather. He’s also lucky enough to be in a band where the talent level is equal, and talented enough to write songs that make people think, ‘I know exactly what he means….”.

Food he resembles most: Parsley. Because it’s the showman of the food world!

Jason “Hitch” Hitchcock – bass

Described by Dave Coleman as the “benchmark in his musical world”, Hitch is the guy everyone wants in their band. Solid personally, and even more dependable as a bassist, Hitch is a comedian and a person who loves to build things with his hands. Having known Dave Coleman since he was four, they’ve shared everything from GI Joe’s to the stage of the Ryman, and together since they were 12. A natural musician, Hitch has envisioned himself on stage since the age of 9. His bass lines are more like foundations than additions, and his playing brings to mind John Entwistle with a twang.

Food he resembles most: Rump roast or Boston butt. (That’s what he says). We think potatoes, since they are good with any food, are loved by everyone, and can be enjoyed 1000’s of ways.

Dave Ray – drums

Dave Ray is the go-to man in the band. Hitch’s partner in comedy, Dave Ray has an eye for direction, is a homeowner, and likes to be in charge of things. He’s been playing drums since before he was a teen, taking part in high school and college ensembles, as well as garage bands. A musician with an excellent ear, Dave often finds himself participating in the arrangements of songs as well laying down the beat. If he could, Dave would spend some time watching the birth of jazz in NYC, and probably taking part in it as well. Dependable and great at returning phone calls, Dave is the third long-lost brother in The Coal Men. His playing is energetic and stylistic, easily an equal part of each song.

Food he resembles most: Pizza. You never get tired of pizza. We also think it’s because there are so many kinds of pizza, and there’s many aspects to Dave Ray.

“The Coal Men are one of my favorite Nashville bands. Leader Dave Coleman writes brilliantly and sings with soulful conviction. The striking imagery is in the new album’s title tune: lyrics equaled by its fuzz-tone undertow bass line, slashing electric guitars, pounding percussion and sizzling organ/piano work. These folks deserve stardom, people.” – Robert K. Oermann, MUSIC ROW MAGAZINE

“The Coal Men have risen from the ranks of Nashville up-and-comers to a spot as one of Music City’s strongest, nerviest rock acts.” ­ Peter Cooper, THE TENNESSEAN

For more information, interviews, CD’s, or homemade cookies, contact Jennifer Herold at 520-628-8655 or at

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