Feb 07 2013

City of Isle of Palms To Hold Public Hearing On Live Oak Park

Provided by the City of Isle of Palms

Public notice is hereby given that the Isle of Palms City Council will hold a public hearing concerning Live Oak Park on Tuesday, February 19 at 6:45 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers, located at 1207 Palm Boulevard.

The City purchased Live Oak Park on December 20, 2012 using $474,385 in grant funds from Charleston County’s Greenbelt program. The property is located at 1801 Palm Boulevard and appraised at $1.35 million, meaning the purchase was to the City’s significant fiscal advantage. More importantly, the City’s goal is to preserve a vegetative buffer between the residential area and the Island Center. The City’s conservation districts protect hundreds of acres of “green space,” but most of this can be found on the perimeter of the island. Live Oak Park is one of the few interior green spaces protected in perpetuity.

The Greenbelt grant created certain deed restrictions for Live Oak Park to which the City is legally bound. For example, the land can never be developed. However, the City does have a few options regarding taking action for Live Oak Park. At minimum, the City will install a sign indicating Live Oak Park as public space. Additionally, we could: 1) leave it untouched in its current state, 2) trim the vegetation to make the property walkable, or 3) create a “passive park” with trimmed vegetation and a few picnic tables. City Council wants citizen input before deciding on a course of action.
More information about Charleston County’s Greenbelt Program is available online at:



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