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Christmas Is On The Way

By Bob Hooper for the Island Eye News


Before we get into some help for the season let’s tie up the iOS 7 issue. iOS 7.03 is now out and seems stable, I’m sure more updates will be on the way but I would go ahead and upgrade your iPhone or iPad. The icons will change a bit and you should check out one of my previous columns on “tweaks” to make it a bit better for you. And speaking of iPad let’s get right into the buying season!

The latest iPad does have some great upgrades with a thinner, lighter case, faster processor and better cameras with the “retina” display. It will have the latest iOS 7.03 and the base price is $499 for the Wi-Fi-only 16 GB version. One note is they compare the new iPad Air to the iPad 2, when the last version out was the iPad 4th generation. Just be aware that the difference between the iPad 2 without retina display and the iPad Air is more than worth the $100 showing on the Apple website. They are not selling the 4th generation online except refurbished ones in the clearance/refurbished portion of the website. Just get the latest and make your favorite person happy.

One note about the refurbished or clearance sales on the website, there are some good deals and they come with a full warranty. The prices are usually 20 to 40 percent lower than the “new” ones on the site and the same with iPhones, iPods and Mac laptops and desktops. If buying a printer for your Apple buddies make sure it is “AirPrint” ready and once set up on their wireless network they can print from all their Apple products. Canon and others make plenty of printers starting at about $70 that have the AirPrint option, just check before buying.

Windows is trying hard to sell us all on the Windows 8.1 and when buying a desktop or laptop in stores it will be all you can get. If you find yourself with this OS (operating system) don’t worry too much. With a bit of searching or the help of a pro you can make it better. If you have the time look online at Dell, HP’s website or others you will be able to find a Windows 7 product.

Thanksgiving is a time for family and a reflection of what we have thanks for. I am thankful for family, the work I get every day and I sure am thankful for the opportunity to write this column. I hope Thanksgiving finds you well and prosperous.

Hope this helps, and as always if you need help I am available,

I look forward to your questions and helping you out. If you need immediate assistance you can always call Rent A Bob at 843.822.7794 or email at


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