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Mar 28 2013

Chili Afterglow

To wrap up the month of February, the exchange clubs of Isle of Palms and Mount Pleasant hosted a chili cook-off, with over 75 exchangites from both clubs. The evening began at 6:30 with a “Happy Half-Hour” and continued into an induction ceremony for 14 new members. After the business was taken care of, the fun began!

Congratulations to the winners:

1st Place – Cecily Stack (Easy but Different)

2nd Place Tie – Tommy Knisley (Chucktown Chicken Chili) from Mount Pleasant, and Pamela Marsh, (Spicy Mamacita Tortilla Chili) from Isle of Palms. 

The Exchange Club would like to thank everyone who attended, for the chili, cornbread, dessert, and excitement. “You can bet we’re going to do this again,” says IOP Club Member Barby Harrington. 

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