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Charleston’s Deep-Sea Coral Reef Discovery

By Frank Knapp for Island Eye News

Dr. Sandra Brooke from Florida State University studies deep-sea coral ecology and is one of a team of scientists working on the federally-funded ‘Deep Search’ project. This team is tasked with exploration and research of sensitive ecosystems, such as deep-sea corals, in areas that are open to future energy activity off the southeastern US. Information from ‘Deep Search’ will help inform management of these ecologically valuable habitats. 

Dr. Brooke will provide an overview of the biology, ecology and conservation of deep-sea coral ecosystems.  She will discuss her participation in the exploration of the recently discovered 85-mile long deep-sea coral reef about 160 miles off Charleston’s coast.  Dr. Brooke’s first-hand account of the exploration will include images and descriptions of this newly explored coral reef.

The event will be held on October 12 at 12 Noon at the College of Charleston School of Science and Mathematics Building, located at 202 Calhoun Street, in the Auditorium.

Parking will be available at the St. Phillip Street Garage.

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