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Category: Turtle Team

No Way To Lay A Nest

By Mary Pringle for The Island Eye News When a female loggerhead sea turtle is ready to lay her eggs, she follows a very set group of instinctive behaviors. She looks from the surf to make sure there are no lights on the beach before crawling ashore. This is a very stressful undertaking and requires …

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Strange But True Facts About Sea Turtles

By Mary Pringle for The Island Eye News Photos by Barb Bergwerf Hot chicks and cool dudes. The sex of sea turtles is determined by the temperature in the middle third of the incubation time under the sand. The pivotal temperature for loggerheads is about 84 degrees Fahrenheit – above this for females and below …

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Rent A Boat/Save A Turtle

By Mary Pringle for The Island Eye News “Rent a Boat/Save a Turtle” – this is what Adrian Honeycutt of Phoenix, AZ said after the experience her family had on Capers Island on June 20. She and her husband and children were visiting here with relatives on Daniel Island and Summerville and rented a boat …

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Where Have All The Turtles Gone?

By Mary Pringle for The Island Eye News Last year by mid June the Island Turtle Team had recorded close to 30 nests – 24 on the Isle of Palms and 5 on Sullivan’s Island. By July 1 there were 47 nests on these two islands. But it is quite a different story this season. …

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Leatherback Turtle Nests On Isle Of Palms

By Mary Pringle for The Island Eye News Photos by Barbara Bergwerf For the first time in recorded history a leatherback turtle nested on the Isle of Palms on May 29. Every spring there are a few leatherback nests in the state. So our Turtle Team has always hoped to have one, and it finally …

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Turtle Team Donates $5,000 To South Carolina Aquarium

Photo by the SC Aquarium for Island Eye News Every year the Island Turtle Team raises money to support the Sea Turtle Rescue program at the South Carolina Aquarium. (l-r) Barb Gobien, Barbara Bergwerf, Mary Pringle and Jo Durham, from the Turtle Team, delivered a check for $5000.00 to Mackenzi Polk, Sea Turtle Biologist.  

Fans Gather For South Carolina Aquarium’s Last Turtle Release Of 2017

By Mimi Wood, The Island Eye News Staff Writer “It was AMAZING!”, marveled 7-year old Lorelai Hay, whose mother, Anastasiya, pulled her daughter out of school an hour early to see the “Final Four” released back into the Atlantic at the Isle of Palms County Park on Tuesday, October 3. The Hays, along with their …

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Wave Dissipation Systems Not Harming Sea Turtles Designer Says

By Emma Woodham for The Island Eye News A federal judge recently ruled that the Wave Dissipation Systems on the Isle of Palms beach must be removed because they are preventing sea turtles from nesting, but WDS designer Deron Nettles argues that his turtle-friendly invention is doing more good than harm. The Wave Dissipation Systems—often …

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Hurricanes And Sea Turtles

By Mary Pringle for The Island Eye News Now that we are approaching the peak of the Atlantic hurricane season, those of us who protect loggerhead nests not only begin to worry about our houses but also the fate of nests that are still in the dunes. The good news is that sea turtles have …

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How Sea Turtles Help Our Ocean And Beach

By Mary Pringle for The Island Eye News Photos by Barb Bergwerf We may not realize it but the presence of sea turtles in our world is important to our marine ecosystem in many ways. They have played an important role for over 100 million years in maintaining the health of the ocean and even …

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