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Category: Sullivan’s Island Elementary School

Letter To The Editor: Mike Perkis Support

Dear Editor, We enthusiastically support Mike Perkis for mayor of Sullivan’s Island. He has shown steadfast leadership in his 8 years on Town Council. During this time, Mike has championed accountability, transparency, accessibility, and clear communication. He answers questions directly and consistently. He is available by email, phone, and in person. He communicates significant changes …

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Letter To The Editor: Holding a Vote, Having a Voice

Dear Editor, What irony! Judge Markley Dennis ruled in favor of the Sullivan’s Island petitioners on March 8, but the Sullivan’s Island Town Council still refuses to hold a vote as required by the petition—all the while putting up signs asking residents to vote for THEM in the upcoming election! In other words, give Town …

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Letter to the Editor: Holl

Dear Editor, There has been much spirited debate about the new SIES in these pages over the past months to which I would like to add the following thoughts. I support the new school that is being built yet I signed the petition on asking for a vote on a smaller school – and I …

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Town Council Candidates Address Pertinent Island Issues

In an effort to inform our readers of the five Town Council candidates positions on very important island issues, the Island Eye News released a questionnaire to each candidate. The six questions are found below, followed by each candidates response. Answers were printed verbatim. What is the character of Sullivan’s Island and how would you …

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Letter To The Editor: Sullivan Islanders Deserve The Right To A Vote

Dear Editor, The victory in the court two weeks ago was massive, Town Council tried to have the petition for a referendum thrown out claiming it was not valid, obviously the judge did not think so! The concerned residents of Sullivan’s Island just want to exercise their legal right under S.C. law, see below, it …

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Letter To The Editor: I Should Not, I Could Not, I Will Not Vote.

Dear Editor, I am an involved American who takes my civil liberties seriously. I am not apathetic. I am not lazy. I have voted in every national, state, and local election since I was of age. Through the years, I always made a point to take my child with me into the voting booths so …

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SIES Goes Green

Dee Ann Bauer with Green Wave Smoothies came to Sullivan’s Island Elementary last week and blended up a healthy and delicious treat for students and teachers to sample during lunch! The children loved it so much they actually asked for pieces of kale to nibble on!   

A Great Hair Day

By Hannah Dockery There’s just something about donning a flamboyant wig that can make even the most sophisticated businessman feel like a kid on Halloween again. On Thursday, February 21, ladies and gentlemen from around the islands put aside their adult personas a enjoyed a night full of fake hair and mustaches at Sullivan’s Island …

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SIES Students Step Up

By Holly Blair The Sullivan’s Island Elementary School Coastal Curators are leading a school-wide community service project for the month of February by collecting plastic grocery bags to be recycled. In the first eight days of February they collected 17,029 bags! The Coastal Curators are collecting the bags as part of an attempt to educate …

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Check Mate!

Special to the Island Eye News The second and third grade students at Sullivan’s Island Elementary School are participating in a pilot chess program. Using a program called “First Move” established by the Americas Foundation for Chess, students participate in weekly chess events that help them learn new skills and strategies. The kids also have …

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