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Category: Sullivan’s Island Elementary School

Perkis Prevails

By Hannah Dockery Despite being the one mayoral candidate for Sullivan’s Island on the May 7 ballot, Mike Perkis barely escaped defeat. Perkis, current Mayor pro tem and only official name on the ballot, triumphed over write-in candidate Carl Smith by a mere 29 votes, in one of the closest elections the Town has seen …

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Letter To The Editor: SIGHT Council

Dear Editor, Some interesting findings have come from a recent survey sent to most SI residents and they should provide important background for the coming election for Sullivan’s Island Council.  I did not receive a survey from the so called SIGHT but on reading the questions SIGHT put together, they cover every issue that voters should …

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Letter To The Editor: A Tragedy Is An Unfortunate Event That Ends In A Disaster.

Dear Editor, When the Sullivan’s Island Town Council ignored the Island’s residents’ certified petition for a referendum regarding the proposed Sullivan’s Island Elementary School (SIES), a tragedy was set in motion. Unfortunately, our town council forgot their first obligation is to the voters of Sullivan’s Island, not to the voters of other municipalities or Charleston …

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Letter To The Editor: Spin

Dear Editor, I appreciate the Island Eye News providing residents some insight into the candidates running for Sullivan’s Island offices. I applaud those candidates who are willing to serve. So, it’s not lightly I offer public criticism. However, I feel compelled to comment on Mr. Perkis’s response regarding the rebuilding of the proposed school. I …

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Letter To The Editor: Sullivan’s Island Elementary School Lawsuit

Dear Editor, If you’re like me, your eyes may glaze over at another letter or report regarding the Sullivan’s Island Elementary School Lawsuit. But they shouldn’t! The key issue in this battle is people’s right to vote under the state’s Citizen Referendum Law – and the arrogance of a local government blocking this precious right that …

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Letter To The Editor: Perkis Rebuttal

Dear Editor and James E. Marianski, I am in receipt of your letter and as you might imagine, disagree with your contentions. The six Council members supporting the rebuilding of SIES remain confident that the court will ultimately decide in favor of the Town that no referendum is required. Mike Perkis  

Letter To The Editor: To Mike Perkis

Dear Editor, and Mr. Mike Perkis, Sullivan’s Island Councilman & Mayoral Candidate, As we all now know Charleston County School Board has the flexibility and the capability to support schools of any size. We also now know the Charleston County School Board redistricting plan, although in a holding pattern, only has just over 200 students …

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Letter To The Editor: Let Sullivan’s Island Vote

Dear Editor, As Council Member and current candidate for Mayor of Sullivan’s Island, Mike Perkis stated after Judge Dennis’ ruling, “the Town did not expect to win its motion to dismiss the Plaintiffs’ case.” They apparently knew it was a long shot. For all taxpayers, that’s a truly unfortunate and very expensive attitude to take …

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Letter To The Editor: If The Truth Be Known

Dear Editor, The Charleston county school board has mandated that any new school constructed in the county must serve at least 500 students. Construction specifications, based on national best practices, must be adhered to when building any new school.  A vocal minority of Sullivan’s Island residents proposed a referendum. This referendum stated that the specifications of …

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Letter To The Editor: War

Dear Editor, I moved to Sullivan’s Island ten years ago. Carl Smith has been the Mayor on Sullivan’s Island for the past eight years. There has been a constant war on this small island since Carl Smith has been Mayor. The residents of Sullivan’s Island have endured the war over the accreted land, the war …

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