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Letter To The Editor: Dock Should Be A Community Corporation Effort

There is a proposal by the Isle of Palms Community Corporation to build a dock and sea wall on their property. At a recent meeting of the Isle of Palms Exchange Club many views were expressed. I feel opposed to Exchange involvement in these improvements to the property that belongs to the Community Corporation. However …

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Letter To The Editor: Kudos To The New Gathering Place

Kudos to Joanie and Mike Noll for bringing the Farmers’ Market to Sullivan’s Island. It is becoming a “gathering place” in the best use of that term, and all the purveyors have delicious and/or beautiful offerings. The Nolls are an excellent example of Ghandi’s admonition to “be the change you want to see.” Or, put …

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Letter To The Editor: Overrun

Dear Editor, The only things that outnumber the squirrels on Sullivan’s Island are the BMWs and the whalers. Lenny Branch Sullivan’s Island

Letter To The Editor: Listen To The Experts In Coyote Debate

Dear Editor, As a resident of the IOP, I would like to thank the administration and elected officials on the island for offering the informative and educational forum last week regarding coyotes. It is unfortunate that a loud group of residents spent so much time voicing their opinions about the situation instead of truly hearing …

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Letter To The Editor: Leg Traps Are Feckless, Inhumane

Dear Editor, The Town of Sullivan’s Island Town Council is authorizing the use of leg traps for catching coyotes in undisclosed town property locations. Town properties include beaches, accreted forests and dunes, and marsh lands throughout the island. This presents a serious danger to our pets, children, raptors and other wildlife. Leg trapping proponents argue …

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Letter To The Editor: The Concerns

Dear Editor, In the ongoing public debate about a land management plan being crafted by Sullivan’s Island Town Council some concerns have been expressed, by property owners living adjacent to the coastal forest, about apparent “threats” that it poses for residents and property. As this debate continues we have to apply some common sense principles. …

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Letter To The Editor: The Voters Have Spoken

Dear Editor, As a long-time Sullivan’s Island residents, my wife and I raised our children here and are grateful for the natural beauty that surrounds us. We are strongly in favor of preserving the Maritime Forest in the accreted public land that is protected by the Lowcountry Open Land Trust. My preference would be to …

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Letter To The Editor: Fairness In The Maritime Forest

Dear Editor, In the ongoing discussion by the Sullivan’s Island Town Council about the accreted land, I think one aspect of this debate has not been presented adequately. The accreted land was placed under a conservation easement in 1991. It was placed in this Trust for the benefit and enjoyment of all of the residents …

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Letter To The Editor: Supporting Harm

Dear Editor, Sullivan’s Island Town Council is in the final stages of developing a plan for the “Transition Zone” portion of an overall management plan for the protected coastal forest. This zone was proposed as an accommodation to island residents living adjacent to the forest who have expressed concerns and who desire a more open …

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Letter To The Editor: Fire Risk On Sullivan’s Island

Dear Editor It’s interesting that Jennifer Tuohy led her article on Drake Carroll’s presentation to Sullivan’s Island Town Council about fire risk to homes adjacent to the accreted land with Carroll’s statement, “It would take a perfect storm to have a fire on Sullivan’s Island.” I don’t recall the fire expert saying this. What I …

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