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Feb 23 2018

Letter To The Editor: Williams

Dear Editor, Many thanks to the Island Eye and Rick Reed for the two articles on Aging in Place: the Senior Village concept for Sullivan’s Island and IOP. My Plan A is to live out my days on Sullivan’s Island, but the recent weather-related episodes support my daughters’ argument that I move to higher ground-Plan …

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Feb 22 2018

Letter To The Editor: Put It To Work, Or Give It Back

Dear Editor, The City of Isle of Palms is sitting on a substantial reserve of funds.  By comparison it is more than 5 times Sullivan’s Island’s and more than most SC towns.  The town should be putting these reserves (unobligated funds) to work for improved services and programs for its citizens.  My hope is this …

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Feb 09 2018

Op-Ed: Building A Village, Part II

By Rick Reed for The Island Eye News Just as no one Village is exactly like another, there are also variations of the theme. It is important to look not only at the different potentials of the “New Village” but to learn from the problems that are already being seen. The rapid explosion of Villages …

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Feb 07 2018

Letter To The Editor: Support For Kelly

Dear Editor, I am supporting Wendy Kelly in the upcoming city council special election.  The election in November told us the voters wanted to “drain the swamp.”  They demanded new, fresh, bold ideas and Wendy is just the person to provide them.  She is a small business owner who has raised children on the island.  …

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Feb 07 2018

Letter To The Editor: Wendy Kelly For Isle Of Palms Council

Dear Editor, Wendy Kelly is a neighbor whom I’ve known for over 15 years. She is a bright talented woman who is a small business owner and a mother who has raised her daughters on IOP. With her experiential knowledge of the Island and her keen intellect she will make a wonderful addition to city …

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Jan 26 2018

Op-Ed: Building A Village, Part I

By Rick Reed for The Island Eye News With the small town feel, laid back lifestyles and many activities and needs within walking or biking distance; Sullivan’s Island has the opportunity to be what used to be connected neighborhoods and intergenerational community. Urban planning, sprawl, unfettered growth, isolation of age groups into silos (ghettos even) …

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Dec 29 2017

Letter To The Editor: Hire The Chief

Dear Editor, In the most recent Island Eye News the front page featured Interim Police Chief Chris Griffin being commended for outstanding action while off duty. He put himself in harms way on 526 in order to save a crash victim from a vehicle, which burst into flames moments after Chief Griffin pulled the victim …

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Dec 02 2017

Letter To The Editor: Truslow

Dear Editor, A first- term councilman, relatively new to the charms and challenges of Southern living, cavalierly attempted in a recent op-ed to minimalize the need for responsible community planning. He did so in the context of urging a vote in favor of the $5.5 million debt referendum (actually more than $8.7 million once nontransparent …

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Nov 30 2017

Letter To The Editor: Fair And Equal Treatment

Dear Editor, The Island Eye News did an outstanding job covering the public meetings concerning the candidates and the marina referendum on IOP. Also, the two issues with questions and answers “In their own words” were informative and helpful to the voters. So the Oct. 27 final edition before the election Letters to the Editor …

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Nov 18 2017

Letter To The Editor: Misdirected Funds?

Dear Editor, With the upcoming election we are all being asked to vote yes or no on spending IOP dollars to revitalize the marina and its facilities. For sure 100% of the funds for this project are/will be Isle of Palms funds. But, what percentage of the island population uses the marina? As we continue …

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