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Category: Letters To The Editor and Op-Eds

Letter To The Editor: Hubbard

Dear Editor, I support the rebuilding of the Sullivan’s Island Elementary School as presently proposed. Pushing for a vote on a proposed referendum that has no possibility of passing, and suggesting a different location for the school on the island at this late stage in the process are nothing more than attempts to derail the …

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Letter To The Editor: Church

Dear Editor, When Sullivan’s Island Elementary School (SIES) was moved to the swing site in Mount Pleasant a few years ago, there was a sense of excitement about getting a new building. It didn’t occur to the parents, teachers, or students that their school site would be swooped in on by developers to make a …

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Letter To The Editor: Perkis and McGee

Dear Editor, “So why not look at something altogether different?” That’s the question posed in last Sunday’s Post & Courier’s editorial entitled “Sullivan’s Island school: another idea.” The editors of the Post & Courier suggest considering the idea of relocating the new Sullivan’s Island Elementary School (SIES) to the playing fields in Stith Park, the …

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Letter To The Editor: View from the Beach?

Dear Editor, Misrepresentations abound about Sullivan’s Island Elementary School! Take a look at this rendering of the “view from the beach,” pulled from one of CCSD’s own documents. As is obvious from the rendering, much of the proposed school is clearly visible from the beach. Sullivan’s Island residents have been assured over and over by …

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