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Category: Letters To The Editor and Op-Eds

Mar 20 2019

Kaye Smith For Town Council

I grew up in the South on a farm, with a deep appreciation for our region’s natural resources, beauty and traditions. I have been a resident on Sullivan’s Island for more than a dozen years. My husband, Scott and I raised our three children here. I am deeply committed to this special community we all …

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Nov 30 2018

Letter To The Editor: Sullivan’s Island Town Council Likes Compromise – But How Much?

Dear Editor,  For years Sullivan’s Island Town Council has indeed successfully defended, in the South Carolina Courts, the Town’s right to protect and manage the Accreted Land Trust area – the Maritime Forest – for the benefit of all Sullivan’s Island residents. Now Town Council is bending over backwards in a compassionate attempt to implement …

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Nov 15 2018

Letter To The Editor: Town Council Likes Winner Take All

For years Sullivan’s Island Town Council has vigorously defended the accreted land including their latest “success” at the State Supreme Court regarding the Town’s right to control the land. Now that it has clarified that the Town controls the land, how about leading with compassion instead of continuing to drive conflict and complexity? There should …

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Aug 06 2018

Letter To The Editor: Dr. Hazel Announces Results Of Beach Study

Dr. Hazel has lived on Isle of Palms for the past six years and calls the Lowcountry home. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Round Valley in Park City, Utah, with a B.S. in Single Track Critter Studies. She logged over 4,000 miles of single-track trail, studying behavior of various sizes of …

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Jul 23 2018

Op-Ed: Threatened Habitat Demands Attention

By Rick Reed for The Island Eye News At the last Sullivan’s Island Town Council Meeting, Eve Gentieu asked the Town to allow DHEC to place signage alerting beach goers to a Wilson Plover mom and her 2 remaining chicks (1 disappeared). This will not restrict anyone or dog from anything. It will be merely …

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May 07 2018

Letter To The Editor: Ready, Get Set, Vote

Dear Editor, Voters in our communities will soon be casting votes in the South Carolina Primary Election. Eligible citizens have until May 13 to register so they can vote in the June 12th Primaries and June 26thPrimary Runoffs (runoff if needed).  Now is also the time to familiarize ourselves with the candidates on the ballot and the offices up for …

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Apr 20 2018

Letter To The Editor: Parking Not Up To Standard

 Dear Editor, The picture associated with this letter shows cars parked at Battery Thompson and behind the Post Office. The parking is mostly for Commercial District customers. Both areas are zoned “Residential” and should not be used for general parking. The town started allowing parking at the Battery Thompson site several years ago without going …

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Apr 19 2018

Letter To The Editor: Residents First, Not So Much

Dear Editor, Last fall’s election swept in a new council. Its mantra was “Putting the residents FIRST”. Well, it’s been four months and let’s see how it’s doing. At the last council meeting members managed to do just the opposite. They voted to make the Beach Parking Plan year round, instead of running only during …

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Apr 05 2018

Letter To The Editor: Barney

Dear Editor,  In this age of inclusion, disability rights and general awareness and acceptance of individuals who use wheelchairs to travel, I was dumbstruck last month by the driver of a golf cart who squeezed next to the handicap space at Ron’s Home Team BBQ on Middle Street. Because the golf cart prevented the mobility …

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Mar 09 2018

Letter To The Editor: Shark Sighting

Dear Editor, Hi! I’m visiting here from MI. Some locals I met on the beach said you might be interested in this photo I took on Feb. 5 at 7:30 a.m. I was at IOP, Station 25-26 area. Actually I saw 3 different shark heads in this location within 4 days, all in the same …

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