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Category: Isle Of Palms City Council

Letter To The Editor: Marina Improvement Not A Frivolous Expense

Dear Editor, The Marina needs to be improved. This is not a frivolous expense. If we are going to apply the “when the next hurricane hits” mentality, please use the same logic with regard to the accident-waiting-to-happen at the Marina. It’s unlikely money is going to get cheaper to borrow; it’s also unlikely that the …

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Letter To The Editor: Vote Loftus

Dear Editor, With our local elections fast approaching, I’m writing to support Mike Loftus for IOP City Council. The ballot of candidates is so large this time around we could field a football team. Loftus stands out as a public servant who offers a proven track record of getting things done for residents. His secret …

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Letter To The Editor: Vote Jimmy For Mayor!

Dear Editor, In 2011, I wrote a letter to Island Eye News encouraging the residents of the Isle of Palms to vote for Jimmy Carroll for City Council. Now I am urging the residents to vote for Jimmy for Mayor! It is obvious, he has done a great job on City Council and has earned …

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Letter To The Editor: The Need For The Marina Referendum

Dear Editor, I moved to IOP in 1987, as a teenager with my family. I attended local schools, and in 1997 fulfilled my dream of opening Barrier Island EcoTours, located at the IOP Marina. From riding my bike to the marina as a kid, and launching our boat, to owning a business there for the …

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Letter To The Editor: Where Is The Love?

Dear Editor One of the joys of election season on IOP is hearing proclamations of love for IOP. Candidates proclaim no one loves IOP more than they. Of course, if you live here you love it otherwise you would live elsewhere. Love requires a commitment to and responsibility for the loved one, in this case …

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Letter To The Editor: It’s All About The Details

Dear Editor, As a past Councilmember, I was somewhat bemused by Jimmy Carroll’s campaign ad which was reaffirmed at the Mayoral Candidates forum. He clearly indicates that he likes to say no to just about everything and has yet to befriend accuracy and detail. Take, for example, his “millage increase” no vote, he implied there …

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Letter To The Editor: In Support Of The Marina Referendum

Dear Editor I am writing to convey my strong support for the Isle of Palms Marina enhancement and community revitalization bond issue that will appear on the ballot this November. In doing so, I applaud the City of Isle of Palms, the mayor, council members, and citizens, who have been engaged in planning this much …

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Isle Of Palms Mayoral Candidates

By Katy Calloway, The Island Eye News Editor Just in time for the election, the Island Eye News posed the same six questions we asked council candidates to your candidates for Mayor. Jimmy Carroll and Dick Cronin are going head-to-head and if you are still undecided, the following straight shooting answers to some of the …

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Isle Of Palms Candidates

By Katy Calloway, The Island Eye News Editor The Island Eye News reached out to the eleven candidates for City Council and asked them six questions compiled by our editorial staff. Their unedited answers to the final three questions are reprinted below in their entirety. The first set of questions was printed in the Oct. …

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Isle Of Palms Council Forum 2017