Candidacy Announcement For Patrick Harrington

By Patrick Harrington for Island Eye News

Patrick Harrington

I am honored to announce my candidacy for re-election to the Isle of Palms City Council. Serving on Council, the last year as Mayor Pro Tem, has allowed me to continue my dedication to public service following a 45-year career in education.  This experience included more than 40 years in high school principal and college administrative positions.  I earned a doctorate degree in School Administration in 1980.

My involvement in the Exchange Club also reflects my interest in community service. I have served as Isle of Palms Exchange Club President (2013 & 14), District Director, and current District Vice President, which encompasses the State of South Carolina.  The major tenets of Exchange are to promote our community, youth, support for our Armed Services, and our National Goal – the Prevention of Child Abuse.

My introduction to city government began by serving on the Isle of Palms Planning Commission.  While on the Commission we conducted in-depth studies and investigations into resolving parking and congestion issues which inspired me to seek service on City Council.

Over the past several years I have served on three committees: Recreation, Real Property, and Personnel (the last 2 years as Chair). The “committee system” promotes detailed study of issues and transparency via open meetings and thorough published meeting minutes. 

My goal is to support the continuance of the strong, transparent, and efficient leadership the City has received from the City Administrator, Linda Tucker, and also the dedicated service of an excellent staff.  Our leaders and staff received a unanimous vote of confidence by City Council this past year.

Evidence of our sound city management is reflected in the City’s financial position.  For years the City revenue has exceeded expenses and has a growing reserve. We have received continuous successful annual financial audits.

I am proud to serve as a member of City Council, and look forward to the continued opportunity to work with City Council and City Staff on the major projects being considered with Marina Renovation Proposal and drainage issues. There are also several challenges that lie ahead with changing environmental issues and how to deal with an explosive area population growth. We need to responsibly share our wonderful Island Paradise while respecting and supporting the needs and wishes of residents.

I thank you in advance for your vote and support in our collective goal to create a balance to assure that residents and tourists have a safe and enjoyable Island Experience!

Respectfully yours,

Patrick Harrington, Mayor Pro Tem

City of Isle of Palms

(H) 843 886-9887 (C) 843 452-9131

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