Bustos Gets Isle Of Palms Council’s Unanimous Backing For District 112 Rerun

Staff Report for Island Eye News

Joe Bustos

The Isle of Palms City Council has announced its unanimous support for incumbent Rep. Joe Bustos in the SC House of Representatives District 112 race. Regarding the council’s decision, Councilman Rusty Streetman said, “As a council, we are elected to serve as a voice for the citizens of Isle of Palms. While we may not agree on every issue, we always strive to come together to put the island community and visitors first. That is why the decision to support Representative Bustos is not only an easy one, but a unanimous one amongst our council.” Mayor Phillip Pounds said, “As your mayor, there is nothing more important to me than strong advocates for the Isle of Palms at the local and the state level. Representative Bustos has been in the weeds working hard for the district, and I am confident that with his continued leadership at the SC Statehouse we will continue to thrive as both a residential community and a desirable destination for visitors.” On Representative Bustos’s background, Councilman Blair Hahn said, “Representative Bustos is a former police officer and retired Army officer, therefore it comes as no surprise to me that he has been an advocate of law enforcement, our veterans and the Constitution. As both an attorney and councilman, I am proud to stand behind him because he has taken a hard stance against violent crime and has been a fierce defender of our Constitution in Columbia.” With traffic and infrastructure top of mind, Councilman John Bogosian said, “The continued pressures of a growing population on our local infrastructure will require collaborative, innovative solutions.” 

Councilman Bogosian added, “With his experience on Mount Pleasant Town Council and in our state legislature, I am confident that Representative Bustos will continue to lead the charge to strike a balance between our community growth, traffic management and residential quality of life.”

Regarding Bustos’s leadership at the state level, Councilman Scott Pierce said “Two of the highest ranking members of the 2021-22 SC House of Representatives, the Speaker of the House and Speaker Pro Tempore, have publicly acknowledged Representative Bustos as a ‘zealous advocate for the people of the coast’ and ‘a tireless fighter for the people of District 112 in Columbia. To be regarded so highly by your leadership is indicative to me that Representative Bustos is not only serving our community to the best of his ability, but that he is surpassing expectations at the state level.”

Councilman Jimmy Ward said, “As a tenured council member having served during Hurricane Hugo, I can tell you firsthand how important it is to have responsive, hard working elected officials in Columbia. Representative Bustos grew up here and he loves his community, and we could not be more fortunate to be represented by someone with his service record.” From a personal position on public safety, Councilwoman Katie Miars said, “As a mother, I made the decision to run for City Council not only because of my desire to serve, but to ensure that Isle of Palms provides a safe and desirable community for our children and visitors to play in and enjoy. There has been no better partner than Representative Bustos in helping our council build up this community.” Councilman Kevin Popson said, “I’ve known Representative Bustos for many years, and I have found him to be a highly regarded community partner.” He added, “As a council member, I know I can count on him to listen to our needs as a community, be a voice for his constituents and to vote with the best interest in mind for the residents of District 112.” Councilwoman Jan Anderson wants her constituents to know that “Representative Bustos has been good to IOP.” 

Leadership from the town of Sullivan’s Island has also expressed their support, with Mayor Patrick O’Neil adding, “Representative Bustos has been very responsive to the needs of our community and keeps us apprised of any developments in Columbia that can impact us. He is a strong voice for the conservation of our wonderful Lowcountry environmental treasures.” O’Neil is joined in his support of Representative Bustos by Sullivan’s Island Mayor Pro Tempore Bachman Smith and Council Members Gary Visser, Scott Millimet and Justin Novak.

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