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Bryan Stevens

The following statement was provided by the political candidate for The Island Eye News

Bryan Stevens

As a long-time visitor, and for the past two years, full-time resident of Isle of Palms, I am focused on preserving the characteristics and features of this beautiful island community while carefully and thoughtfully balancing this with growth and further development demands. All of this needs to keep the quality of life for residents, quality of experience for visitors, and the safety of all at the center of all such discussions and resulting decisions. The additional challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with significant numbers of households shifting from occasional visitors to full-time residents will undoubtedly continue to put pressure on this balance. Additionally, I am committed to ensuring an appropriate level of transparency in our municipal government discussions and decision-making processes. Our municipal government should only leverage “Executive Session” when necessary and in the best interest of the community it serves.

I am collaborative, courageous, insightful and always operate with the utmost integrity. 

These characteristics combined with my experience in Financial Services, non-profit boards and Federal Government provides me with a well-aligned skill set to be effective in this council member role. 

Additional information that may be of interest for IOP residents:

 • Native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana 

• Graduate of Queens University (Charlotte) 

• Previously resided in Charlotte 

• Served on this year’s Island Turtle Patrol team along with my spouse 

For all of these reasons I am formally announcing my candidacy for Isle of Palms City Council.

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