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Blair Hahn

The following statement was provided by the political candidate for The Island Eye News

Blair Hahn

My name is Blair Hahn. After much thought and discussion with community leaders and residents all across our island, I have decided to run for City Council. I truly believe that I will be able to make a difference as a member of the City Council and make the Isle of Palms a better place for all businesses and residents of the island. I have been married to the love of my life, Nancy, for over 35 years. Nancy is a Myrtle Beach girl. I always enjoy Myrtle Beach. However, while Myrtle Beach is a fun place to visit, I don’t think that’s the direction for our island. The mix of residential, commercial, rentals and second homes is unique and calls for unique solutions. 

Our two children, Kate and Walker, both attended the College of Charleston, work and live “on the mainland” but come across the IOP Connector as often as possible. Nancy and I moved to the island permanently almost seven years ago, and my family has owned property on the island for over 45 years. I am a recovering lawyer having spent the last 25 years holding the pharmaceutical industry accountable for its products. As a product liability lawyer, I have successfully litigated against the largest companies in the world. I have led 100s of lawyers and thousands of clients to overcome tremendous obstacles to ensure the fair and just treatment of injured victims. I pledge to bring that same focus and expertise to ensure the rights of the residents of the Isle of Palms are properly served and protected. I now spend my time working with my son in commercial real estate in the greater Charleston area. I understand the dynamics of commercial leases, property management and preservation of real estate assets. The resources of our island must be properly managed to safeguard those assets and ensure the future of the quality of life on our island. I am also part owner of the Yoga Daily yoga studio in Seaside Farms. Yoga teaches balance in all things and I will bring an attitude of balance and fairness with me to all Council decisions. There must be room for opposing thoughts and discussion in government as opposed to the divisive atmosphere created by many of our State and Federal leaders. In addition to yoga, I sail my Hobie Cat off the beach whenever the wind is blowing. I understand how fragile our beach is as well as the diversity of life that it supports. It is critical that we protect our beach and its wildlife to protect our way of life. Public parking and traffic are major issues facing our island. In 1987, our island’s City Council had the vision and leadership to offer a referendum to the residents to enable our island to buy the 5-acre public parking lot in our front beach commercial area. It was overwhelmingly supported and has taken care of our island visitors for 35 years. Our City Council needs similar vision and leadership to take care of our island visitors for the next 35 years. To be clear, I am not a politician. I have never run for political office and never thought that I would. I abhor hypocrisy. I do not speak out of both sides of my mouth. I believe that the City Council of the Isle of Palms should be nonpartisan. We should be above politics or self-interest. Council should look at all issues truthfully, without political spin or the bias of self-interest, and then make the best decision possible for the residents of our island. I will do just that. 

I look forward to meeting every resident of the Isle of Palms and working together to achieve our goals as a community. 

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