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Bird Banding On Sullivan’s Island

Staff Report for Island Eye News 

Sarah Harper Diaz safely holding a juvenile Scaled Antpitta for bird banding in the highlands of Costa Rica.

Just in time for the annual bird migrations, Sarah Harper Diaz, a widely-recognized expert on Sullivan’s Island birds, will talk about the birds we can expect to visit our island.  She will highlight the migratory bird species that regularly use Sullivan’s Island as a stopover location or as breeding or wintering grounds.  Sarah will also talk about the science of bird banding, the measurements that are taken, and the crucial contribution of long-term monitoring of bird populations to bird conservation.  What birds have been banded on Sullivan’s Island? Have birds banded elsewhere been found on our island?  Have “our” banded birds been spotted in another location along their migratory route?  

Whether you are a “birder” or simply enjoy seeing the many birds that appear on Sullivan’s Island, you will not want to miss this event on Thursday, Aug. 15 from 6-7p.m. in the Ft. Moultrie Visitor Center Auditorium, 1214 Middle Street, Sullivan’s Island (no food or beverage allowed).

Sarah Harper Díaz was raised on Sullivan’s Island, lives here still, and has had a keen interest in the natural world since childhood. She became interested in wildlife photography and began to band birds with Dr. Will Post at the College of Charleston. She has an MS in Biology from the Citadel and Trainerlevel Certification in Landbirds from the North American Banding Council.

She has worked with bird banding projects in South Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Belize, Costa Rica, and Peru. In 2015 and 2016, Sarah led a bird banding project on Sullivan’s Island. Her current plans are to resume bird banding studies on Sullivan’s Island this fall, 2019.

This event is free and open to the public. Co-sponsored by The National Park Service & Battery Gadsden Cultural Center  Preserving the culture of art and history on Sullivan’s Island. Visit  or call 843.906.0091.

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