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Ben Sawyer pedestrian bridge closed

Starting Friday, February 5, and extending through the full closure of the Ben Sawyer Bridge, the bridge’s pedestrian access will be closed to the public.

This sidewalk closure is necessary for the safety of pedestrians, motorists, and the construction team. Because the existing bridge’s very narrow sidewalk/curb is the primary access for construction workers crossing from one approach span to the other, an increase in pedestrian traffic to view construction activities crowds the 2.5 foot wide curb forcing passing pedestrians to use the roadway. Motorists, also interested in the construction activities, are not anticipating the presence of pedestrians in the traffic lanes resulting in a dangerous situation for all involved.

Pedestrian access across the Ben Sawyer Bridge will not only be restored upon the opening of the new bridge and roadway but will also be enhanced with a wider sidewalk (5.5 feet) and improved connectivity with the adjacent shared pedestrian/bike path.

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