August Temperatures Heat Up Fishing Scene

By Geoff Bennett for Island Eye News

Angler Erin Walker from Atlanta reels in a redfish.

As always, August brings warmer temperatures but also some great fishing.

Fishermen and women will want to focus on fishing early or late in the day for the best action. Lots of different styles of fishing are productive this month and if you choose the right ones you can beat the heat and stay cool.

If you choose to start early, your go-to option should be topwater. Make an effort to get to your spot just as it is becoming light. Fish will aggressively strike topwater lures based on the disturbance they make on the surface and they can’t tell that the lure isn’t a real struggling baitfish. These lures work well for both redfish and trout. Heddon’s Super Spook Jr. lures in chartreuse and black or red and white are the ticket. Popping corks can be used all day and during every part of the tide. Anglers enjoy using them because you can catch so many different types of fish: trout, redfish, flounder, ladyfish, shark, etc. I use a weighted popping cork so I can increase the distance of my cast. I run an 18-24 inch fluorocarbon leader from the cork to a size 1 circle hook. When your cork dives under water, reel until you feel the fish is on and then lift your rod tip. Shrimp, mud minnows and artificial shrimp all work well as bait. 

Regardless of the temperature, sharks are always ready to attack. Even in the middle of the afternoon, they will be eagerly eating. With so many bait stealers present, we have been using live menhaden on a 7/0 circle hook.

Inshore you can expect to find sharpnose, bonnetheads and black tip sharks. As an additional bonus, you will occasionally tie into a big bull redfish! 

See you on the water!   

Capt. Geoff Bennett is the owner of Charleston Charter Fishing. Before getting out on the water, visit or call (843) 324-3332.

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