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Annie awes audiences at SIES

The cast of Annie Jr. at Sullivan's Island Elementary

by Kristin Hackler

The curtains opens to three sets of wooden bunk beds, the 14th Street Orphanage girls curled up under thin blankets. Suddenly, one of the orphans screams in her sleep. “It’s all right, Molly,” Annie says as she rushes in, “Annie’s here.”

With only four hour-long performances, Sullivan’s Island Elementary School could have extended their show times for another week. As it was, parents and students alike had the opportunity to watch the fourth and fifth grade’s presentation of “Annie Jr.”, a shortened version of the movie “Annie”.

The costumes, managed by Marlene Hager with several designed by Sis Taylor, were immaculate and the set design created by Kerry Hood was worthy of a national acting troop, but the performances were above and beyond your standard school play.

MacKenzie Fowler did an excellent job of playing Annie, singing like an angel throughout the show and tugging heart strings as she cuddled with her dog Sandy, played by the Kelly family dog, Skeeter McGillicuddy Kelly.

Alison Buckaloo, who last performed in the Crab Pot Players production of “Our Town”, took the stage with her interpretation of the dour, poorly-aging Miss Hannigan, and Drew Perry gave a very real interpretation of the hassled Oliver “Daddy” Warbucks. Even Grace Farrell, played by Eva Bourland, stood out in her role as Warbuck’s assistant, giving a very prim and proper performance of the overworked associate.

To the chorus of fourth graders dressed in 1930’s bowler hats and long pearl necklaces, the stage performers danced, sang and recited their way through an excellent elementary school production of Annie Jr.

Special thanks for the production go to SIES principal Susan King, director Julie Mathias, stage manager Abbie Buckheister, Jimmy Ward and the Crab Pot Players, Sis Taylor, Susie Hyman, Les Mathias, Berlins, the parents of the cast, Jackie Meade and Kaleidoscope, SIES 4th & 5th grade teachers, and the 5th grade art club.


    • Judge Fowler on February 6, 2010 at 7:49 am

    Very nice review. I would add that the set benefited greatly from the efforts of Dave Melsopp and Andy Hager. Also, Bobby Ross spent the week providing and running the sound for the production. Great job all!

    • Marlene Hager on February 7, 2010 at 9:53 am

    Though, I believe all the performances were “Tony worthy” The play had 2 casts. Blue and Red. Some of the main characters like Annie, Miss Hannigan, Lily St. Regis and Oliver Warbucks stayed the same, Tuesday night Grace Farrell was played by Chloe Stapleton and Thursday night was played by Eva Bourland. I would also like to mention Eden Teichman who played Lily St. Regis and a Star to be in the N.Y.C. scene.

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