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Andrew Vega For Isle Of Palms City Council

The following statement was provided by the political candidate for The Island Eye News

Andrew Vega

Lowcountry native Andrew Vega has announced his candidacy for Isle of Palms City Council. A 2003 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, Vega served on active duty in the United States Air Force from 2003-12, and he continues his service in the USAF Reserves. He also currently works as an international airline pilot flying the Airbus 330. Vega’s 16-plus years of experience as a C-17 pilot, aircraft commander and flight safety officer have given him the opportunity to work with diverse teams in challenging environments. 

“Over the course of my aviation career, I’ve had the opportunity to work with various team members – people of different cultural backgrounds, occupations, and areas of expertise – to create a cohesive environment where all members were valued,” Vega said. “I want to encourage an open and objective dialogue between residents and council, as well as amongst city council members, to give our residents the best results for our community.” Vega became an East Cooper resident in 2010 when he returned to the Lowcountry after several Air Force assignments, and he moved to Isle of Palms in 2018. “Since I was in high school, I always wanted to live here. It’s always felt like home, and it’s a special place. My wife and I came here on dates as teenagers, I proposed on the beach at 21st Avenue, and we’ve brought our children to IOP since they were newborns,” Vega said. “It’s a beautiful place, and I don’t plan on living anywhere else – this is our forever home,” he said. Vega says his top areas for concern include traffic management, environmental issues, and public services. He wants to make sure our residential areas feel protected and safe for families, that we work with neighboring municipalities to share the manpower burden needed to balance the increased demand on our beaches that comes with regional growth, to evaluate and invest in infrastructure to mitigate the impacts of flooding, and to focus on retaining the best police and fire department employees to serve our community. Vega is a lifetime member of VFW Post 3137 on Isle of Palms, and his two children are both students at SIES this fall. He wants to serve the community with humility and integrity, and to get the job done, he recognizes that means to listen first. “I pride myself in recognizing that each person’s experience on this island may be different than my own. Empathy matters, and I will practice that any time I am working to evaluate concerns that residents share with me,” Vega said. “Being a public servant means putting what’s best for the entire island ahead of what I might personally prefer, and I commit to serving our residents in this way.” 

For more information, contact Vega at 843-364- 4212 or”>

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