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Jun 12 2019

An Honor And A Privilege

By Nancy Newlin Lain for The Island Eye News

Volunteers from the IOP Exchange Club served lunch to veterans at the Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center on Memorial Day. Pictured l-r, back row: Mark Feldman, Paul Lain, Jim Thompson, Campbell Elam, Eike Gundersen, Deb Barr and Jon Gundersen. Front row, l-r: Nancy Newlin Lain, Robbie Berg, Sherry Welsh, Cindy Miller and Bob Beckett.
(Photo by Sandy Feldman).

What were you doing this Memorial Day weekend?  While you were sleeping in or heading to the beach, the IOP Exchange Club hosted the 3rd Memorial Luncheon for all of the staff, patients and care givers at the VA Hospital.

Hundreds were served an outstanding BBQ feast by volunteers from the IOP Exchange Club. It was a very rewarding day for everyone who gave their time. At the monthly meeting, Club members wrote hundreds of “thank you” notes to veterans and staff. As everyone got their banana pudding they also received a hand written “thank you”.  For those who gave so much to keep our country free, their care givers who support them and the staff of the VA Hospital that care for them, thank you is the least they deserved on this Memorial weekend.

Jim Thompson, Chairman of the Americanism Committee said, “For me, the most fulfilling thing was to push some of the guys in wheelchairs or hold their food while someone else helped get them back to their rooms. That tandem of the old veteran with the motorized wheelchair towing another veteran in his non motorized was one of the most touching things I have ever seen….a Veteran taking care of a Veteran.”

The fundraising events of the Club were used to make this event happen. Thanks to all who support our events. Your generosity is greatly appreciated

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